Sailing Catamaran Lunara Sailing Grinding Gelcoat – Update

Grinding Gelcoat – Update

Extremely dusty job despite a tent and all the protective foil. The fine dust goes everywhere and if you get the particles on your skin it itches. I am glad that I do not have to do this job.

The picture below is the contractor Olivier from Thalassa Nautique grinding down the deck. Today, Friday, it rains which means the humidity levels are too high and temperatures too low for the epoxy primer to cure. We hope for Monday to be drier and warmer (no rain and 16C days high)

Thalassa 11 29 grinding (1 of 1)

Olivier at work

Grinding day after

The sanded areas, with the pure fiber shining through, are protected against rain and humidity.

Later that day (yesterday) I took a relaxing dinghy tour through the port. Well honestly, I went on an escape from the dust and sorrow look of the boat.Mood improvement LGM

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