Boat Yard Blues Saturday

We are at ASCARS shipyard in Cartagena and despite it’s Saturday, the work continues. Quality of work so far is impressive and their willingness to understand what the customer wants is great here. Management speaks excellent english and is always outside on the yard to inspect the ongoing work on all the boats here. Large and small customers gets treated equally well.

I keep it short this morning as I have to return to the yard soon. These pictures were pre breakfast (mine). They start early here!

Below just some photos from ASCARs work

One worker per two consultants
Wood was used to support a thruhull. It is fingernail soft already. The black area under the wood piece is the gap (not allowed!). Wood will be removed and we laminate roving mats for reinforcement on the inside.
Plastic thruhulls require thicker laminates than this in order to be seasafe. Will be reinforced and replaced by a bronze thruhull.
Preparing another thruhull area for laminate layup

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