Cartagena – Traveling West

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write this for a week now. The boat keeps us busy with 10 to 12 hour work days.

This blog entry will be short -more photos than text, which in this case makes sense anyway. Photographing landscape becomes easy with deep blue skies and sunshine. In this region of Spain the sun shines for 330 days per year or so.

We went to the ‘Battery Castillitos’ west of Cartagena. See more under: and

Pretty mountain roads going up and down. After every bend on the road opens another splendid view. Sometimes we just stopped, sat on a rock and soaked the view in. It was a great day!

We went from Cartagena to the Fort. The coastal areas are farm area. A lot of Tomatoes are grown here.
The white fields in the background are extensive tomato fields filling every flat area along the coast.
Pretty steep and fast downhill for bicycles.
View towards Cartagena
These are very large guns from the 1930s. They form a group with other batteries along the coast and were installed to defend Cartagena.

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