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Carcassonne-800-x-400_3-800x400Last weekend we made a trip to Carcassonne. A charming medieval fortress. Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy day. But the citadelle is worth a visit.  Despite the cold we walked around and tried to make the best of it. After exploring the fortress we had a nice lunch in a great restaurant.

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Last Day in IbizaLast Day in Ibiza

We will be leaving Ibiza tomorrow morning. Truly a nice place to be. Lots of party spirit all around but also very kid friendly. Our next destination is a marina close to Barcelona. Hopefully we will find some time to explore the city.

Living In ParadiseLiving In Paradise

So being in this beautiful anchorage is paradise. Well, not so much sometimes. On an anchorage you need water, right? No problem! We have a water maker, when it works. So we started the water maker and received a “blocked system” message. Ok, get out the manual and see what it means. So after the first start up of the season it needs to be primed? Fine, did that. Start again, but the same thing is happening after a few minutes, and again. So we found the water maker was leaking salt water and not having enough pressure. Tried the 2nd pump and this one seems to work. Not making the advertised 60 liters/hour but better than nothing. Took us 6 hours to resolve.

Next day we find that our bilge pump is not working, tried the hand pump to empty the bilge and it breaks alter a few pumps. Ok, fix it. Again 3 hours later working again on the electrical pump. Martin is able to fix the electric pump with pieces from a coke can, long story, but it works. Another 6 hours gone.

This morning we had to cut our breakfast short. A big thunderstorm was heading our way. We got lots of wind and rain and all our salon hatches began to leak. Have to place bowls everywhere.

We decide to leave the anchorage. The sand from the beach is washing from the beach and the anchorage water is silting such that we were concerned about the engine water cooling pumps. Heading to Port Sant Antoni. This was a good decision. One hour later all the boats from our old anchorage were following and the good spots were gone fast. It is still raining but not that heavy. This gives me a break and I have time to do a little update on the blog.

So that is paradise! There is always something to fix on a boat. I could go on and on about this, but it will get boring after time.