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Oct 30, 2019
Below our track update for October. We sailed from Madeira 600nm to Sines in Portugal and some days later to Lagos, PT. In Lagos we plan to stay for the winter.
Stars annotate ports visited.

Sept 15, 2019
Below our track from March to September 2019. We sailed from Southern France to Madeira, via the Canaries.
Stars annotate ports visited.

If you followed above link you will have noticed the zig-zagging of Lunara and her short flight above land. We have a small issue at the moment with our Iridium and its built in GPS. I don’t know why, but somehow the position is occasionally many miles off reality – sorry. We are trying to find the reason for this problem.

Roda de Bera, Catalonia/Spain

We sailed a southerly course and then turned slowly west. In total 180nm. The first 3rd of the trip was very fast with solid waves and wind from behind.

rdb 1

The Beach is just across the street

rdb marina

La Grande Motte

Surprisingly interesting architecture driven by the then president Charles de Gaulle in the late 60s. Things look a bit dated today, but are a charming experimental design in concrete. I like the concept that everyone should have a view of the sea and cars are removed from the waterfront. People first!

Photo Mix LGM Location.002.jpeg

Port Camargue

We continue to stay in Port Camargue for the time being. We might transfer to La Grande Motte in October for repairs 🙁PC where.001


Currently Anchoring in Puerto de San Antonio, Ibiza:

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