On our way to North CarolinaOn our way to North Carolina

Leaving the beautiful Bahamas. Now underway from Eleuthera Island to Beaufort, NC (USA). 650nm and hopefully arrive in 5 days. There is bad weather in the forecast north of the Virginia Maryland area for later. Hence, we try to make headway north now and have enough waiting time on hand for the next weather window heading to the Chesapeake.

SV LUNARA on Youtube: Transatlantic Sailing VideosSV LUNARA on Youtube: Transatlantic Sailing Videos

Our friend Oliver from Plan B Hamburg, is a Youtuber producing fun to watch videos. He made a series about sailing onboard LUNARA, beginning in Portimao, heading to Tenerife and several episodes about the Atlantic crossing. (Currently, 3 crossing episodes are on YouTube. The fourth is coming soon)

Portimao, Portugal to Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Episode 1, Atlantic Crossing

Episode 2, Atlantic Crossing

Episode 3, Atlantic Crossing

Episode 4, coming soon!!!

…And back in Santa Cruz with a technical problem…And back in Santa Cruz with a technical problem

Last night limped back to port with a technical issue. We are getting tested for endurance, for sure. Repair requires parts from France resulting in a week delay. Well, there are enjoyable restaurants in Santa Cruz.

Safely moored and reevaluating.

Leaving Tenerife for Antigua!Leaving Tenerife for Antigua!

Leaving our dock in some minutes.

Had a very busy time since August in the yard of Portimao Portugal with many unexpected larger repairs (again)

Our eta for English Harbor, Antigua is between 14 and 19th of December.

More later = in December.

Leaving Santa Cruz