Sailing Catamaran Lunara Sailing Are we back from the far side of the moon?

Are we back from the far side of the moon?

When Apollo astronauts circled the Moon, communications were cut off with Earth every time the command module passed behind the Moon. This is because the Moon itself blocks radio signals, preventing communication when it comes between Earth and any spacecraft.

We had radio silence too. We neglected our blog for a long time. Too much boat work and enjoyed a wonderful summer with our grandkids onboard. It didn’t feel like blogging – sorry.

Today, we prepared the boat for sailing to the Bahamas. It will not be an easy sail. As always you have to leave late in the year in order to avoid tropical storms. This time “Nicole” is coming up north right now as I am writing – even though she is inland, Nicole has a strong, negative effect on the Atlantic weather patterns.

Our departure is planned for 0500h on November 12. We plan to arrive at Cape Eleuthera Marina Nov 18.

Should work out.

We hope, it’s still like above

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