One year later, back in France

Just after crossing the sea border between Spain and France we were boarded by French customs.

Day Trip to Cevennes, France

Picked up friends in the Cevennes, France. Nothing worked to get them near Tarragona timely, so The Admiral and myself drove by rental car 500km to France and next morning back.

Tried to clear out Spanish customs on the way back in Barcelona and had the most unpleasant and hostile experience you can imagine. We were not cleared out – not even allowed to enter the customs office.

We’ll try today another way 😅


Desalination 🙂

We arrived safely in Puerto Reda de Bara, Spain.

The salt layers on the deck were thick, like I have never seen before.

Rough Nite Ride Across the Balearic Sea

We have no photos from the night. It was freshening up to 40kts, which is a lot for us.

Here are some photos from early morning. We are still 20nm from the coast.

“Water” is boatspeed through water and was constantly hitting 10kt in pitch dark night. Was a wet ride on the outside steering stand.

Anything you touch is heavily salted.

Strong Mistral to the East of us.

We are lucky to sail to the west of a strong Mistral blowing south in the Golf de Lion.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.14.11.png


Underway. Ibiza to Barcelona.

Anchor up at 6:00 in the dark and maneuvering out of the anchorage. Radar assisted nicely to go around unlit boats in the anchorage.

Last Day in Ibiza

We will be leaving Ibiza tomorrow morning. Truly a nice place to be. Lots of party spirit all around but also very kid friendly. Our next destination is a marina close to Barcelona. Hopefully we will find some time to explore the city.

Evening Swim

Portinatx, Ibiza.

It’s so nice, when you come back from an evening swim, to find a glass of Rose ready by my dear Admiral.

Coming back from a swim