Sailing Catamaran Lunara Italy,Liveaboard,Sailing,Tourism Globetrotting Carloforte. Italy like we imagined it.

Carloforte. Italy like we imagined it.

Small Island. Ferry connections only. Colorful buildings. No big box stores. No brand name chains. All buildings two stories high or less. Every little store felt like the time eons ago when the world consisted of small things. Zoomed back in time.

This post contains picture galleries to flip through. Words fail to describe, but somehow even pictures fail. Being here is the thing.

Small is beautiful!
Below is Italy’s answer to the Dodge Ram. Fits perfectly into every narrow alley, supplying stores and restaurants through the backdoor.

Italy’s answer to the Dodge Ram

Walk Downtown
First walk around downtown and trying to get lost 🙂

Fresh Food
When we came out of quarantine, the first order of the day was replenishing fresh food onboard LUNARA. What a pleasant experience. Even though the shopping atmosphere is eery with face-masks everywhere. Post Corona, normal times will return. We can imagine how lovely shopping and tasting fresh food next year will be.

Are we in heaven?
(Promise: will never use Portrait mode for video again)

Getting Groceries:
Gallery shows a food supermarket near the marina in Carloforte.

Small Church:
Another day we discovered this small church downtown. The colors outside match tastefully with the surroundings and the blue sky. Inside, everything was perfect pastels.

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