Left Gibraltar This Morning

After visiting customs and emigrations to clear out we left the dock of the friendly Alcaidesa Marina (La Linea, Spain).

Currently in the Strait of Gibraltar heading for our TSS crossing point to head towards the south side of the TSS. (TSS = Traffic Separation Scheme, kind of motorway with median for vessels)

Busy Port. The grey ship symbols to the south are in the TSS
Leaving friendly Gribraltar
TSS Crossing section. We are the little vessel near the top a bit to the right.
Morocco on the other side. We are heading there in some minutes (literally)

Back to navigating.

Bye, bye!

1 thought on “Left Gibraltar This Morning”

  1. Hi, I was just in Gilbralta in September on a land cruise. I am now going to be cruising from Barcelona to Miami on the Brilliance of the Seas ( Royal Caribbean)
    Of course, it will be nothing like sailing the way you are. My prayers are with you that you have an easier go from now on
    Take care.

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